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For nearly 30 years, we've provided professional, compassionate care for people with pain, digestive problems, allergies, and stress-related health problems. 

If you are considering acupuncture, you might be wondering:

  1. What is our experience treating similar conditions?
  2. How many treatments will likely be needed?
  3. Will my insurance cover this? And what will my out-of-pocket costs be?

At the start of your initial visit you'll get all three of these questions answered, in plain English. And then, if you wish, we will proceed with an exam and treatment -- and let you experience for yourself what acupuncture can do.


Tsuyoshi Shimamura was the closest student of Master Nagano during his final years and is highly regarded as a teacher and practitioner of Nagano's style. He will be teaching a 4 day seminar in October.


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TESTIMONIALS What our patients are saying

“One spring day I walked by Turning Point Center and impulsively walked into the office, pleading what I thought was a desperate case. Best decision I ever made for myself. I love walking into a welcoming, friendly environment (quite a contrast to the indifferent receptionists I’d grown accustomed to) … read more"