October 28-29, 2017  

Kiiko Matsumoto’s Treatments for GYN and Fertility Issues


Sat. 8:30 to 5; Sun. 8:30 - 3:30

Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, 75 NW Couch St., Portland

Presenter: Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac.


Kiiko’s co-author, Monika Kobylecka, L.Ac., will teach a GYN/Fertility class at OCOM on October 28-29.  Monika is a gifted, passionate teacher with a unique ability to communicate Kiiko's powerful treatment strategies in a clear, practical way. This class will include generous Q and A, discussion and live treatment demonstrations of conditions such as:

• Ovarian cysts

• Endometriosis

• Uterine fibroids

• Menstrual irregularities

• Discharge

• GYN problems related to thyroid imbalance

• Urinary tract infections and candidiasis

 • Hormonally-related headaches

Helping women with these reproductive problems will improve many aspects of their health and life, including their ability to get and stay pregnant.

Kiiko's treatments for GYN problems are rooted in a deep appreciation of the Han dynasty classics, particularly Su Wen 33, which describes a special vessel associated with the uterus, and its relationship with the Heart.  Therefore, the GYN treatments presented in the class will include a special focus on strengthening the the Heart, including it's role in protecting the Shen and controlling the blood vessels.


Many of the ideas and treatment protocols presented in this class-- the special significance of Kidney Water (or the "10th Stem"), the diagnostic role of the Fire points, Hara diagnosis, the Three Tan Tian, and the integration of bio-scientific insights -- are fundamental to Kiiko's style of acupuncture. Highly recommended for both new and on-going students of Kiiko-style acupuncture.

Only $349 before October 6th, $379 after.

2018 Introductory/Foundation classes: 

A rare opportunity to get systematic training in Kiiko Matsumoto's palpation diagnosis and treatment strategies. Enrollment is limited (30) to provide optimal hand-on learning. These classes many be attended as stand alone seminars, or as the first and most important classes in the 150-hour Certificate Course in Matsumoto/Nagano Style Acupuncture.

January 20-21 Hara Diagnosis I

February 17-18 Hara Diagnosis II

March 17-18 The Spine Reveals

















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